Meet Tyler

Tyler was your average active 4 year old who loved spending time outdoors, playing with Lego and chasing birds.

He was diagnosed with Medullablastoma (a cancerous tumor on the brain) on the 11th of April 2019 after a large mass was removed from the back of his brain, which was picked up by an MRI on the 8th of April.

Unfortunately the cancer had spread and he has other smaller spots on his brain and down his spine.

Tyler's only symptoms before he was diagnosed were random occasional vomiting 6 weeks prior, then a week before he started to nap through the day. The final symptom that made us take him to hospital instead of the Dr's appointment we had made, was his left eye turning in to look at his nose.

Tyler is still recovering from brain surgery and has a long road ahead. The best way to describe it is, he has a brain of a 5 year old with the body of a developing  baby. He has alot of mile stones to reach to be back to where he was prior to surgery. Like learning to walk, talk and eat along with all the smaller but still important things. 

They say it can take a year or so for him to recover.  

He has Radiotherapy 5 days a week and once weekly Chemotherapy treatment for 6 weeks. Then he will have a 6 week break. Then back to having Chemotherapy for 6 months. 

Tyler has a 50% chance for remission. 

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If you would like to help Tyler and his family... Drop us a line... From each Family Shoot during July & August 2019, $50 will go to Tyler and his family to help them through this hard time!

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