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Are You ready to Look and Feel Amazing?

Who you are I know that you would love to have that perfect photo of yourself but are scared to take the chance on spending the money and hating the photos at the end. You don't think you're pretty enough, you think you're the ugly duckling within your group of friends, so why bother?! People tell you your beautiful, a vixen even, but you cant see it yourself. You'd love to look at a picture and be stunned to see yourself looking back looking like you've never seen yourself before. 

What your finding really hard right now You want to see yourself as beautiful, but you feel like you come up short whenever you do your hair and makeup. Nothing you do works, so why bother? You turn down nights out with the girls because you don't feel like you're as pretty as your friends. Your partner sees your beauty, but you can never see what he's talking about and you always feel like the ugly duckling amongst your friends. You'e never pleased with the photos other people take of you, as they always look horrendous On the rare occasion someone does get you in a picture you feel mortified and promise yourself youll get yourself back to looking how you desperately want to look. You wish you were as fat as the first time you thought you were fat, and as old as the first time you thought you looked old! Deep down though it makes you sad that there are no pictures to look back on, nothing for your kids to see of you when they get older, no pictures of you with them that you are proud to display on the wall.   

What you need most right now You've been trying to get that perfect selfie but it just doesn't seem to do you justice. What you need right now is an expert photographer, that knows how to use lighting and positioning to get the very best picture possible. That knows all the tricks of the trade to make you look your very best.  You try out all the different filters to help show the true you, but it's still not enough. What you need right now is someone to capture the real essence of who you are and bring it to life through a picture. So you can keep it for years to come and look back on it and remember you as you were today.  You need someone that knows there way around a camera, the hair and makeup and to give you direction. To have images printed for you to remind you of how beautiful you are. You need someone to take your hand and tell you its going to be ok, Trust me!  But you also need someone that you connect with and enjoy being around. That is what I'm here for, to help you feel comfortable in your own skin. Make you look and feel beautiful and give you the confidence to walk with your head held high all of the time.   I am here to show you the beauty that lies within you and to show you what the rest of the world already sees.  I will help you style your session, not to make you something you're not but to show the REAL YOU! And break out that inner Vixen.    

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